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At AAA, we remain mindful of the resourcing positions of our Clients. That is why we insist on our Targeted Approach© which ensures that the right people, materials, equipment, knowledge and time required to address a Client brief or to execute a project are identified early on. Our Resource allocation plan provides a custom made guide throughout the execution of any brief or project, to take into account our clients’ particular situations.


We provide a wide range of issue and sector based services and solutions resulting in positive and favorable outcomes for our clients. Our skillsets ensure that all our clients’ needs, especially their priority areas, are met on each engagement with us. Our background in professionally handling complex, multi-stakeholder projects brings agility and a cutting edge approach to addressing a wide variety of issues. We get results where and when it matters.

At AAA, we take a holistic view in meeting our clients’ needs, utilizing our unique blend of research, problem solving, communication and influencing skills to challenge the “status-quo” and implement desired change. We call this the AAA Targeted Approach©We offer creative solutions and advice to our clients on the most optimal approach to any issue, from ideation of campaigns through to implementation of resulting initiatives.

Our vast and diverse network ensures we are able to collaborate effectively and strategically engage with key government, sectoral and other stakeholders for maximum results. We are able to lead from the front and lend our name to an issue on behalf of our clients. In addition, we can also provide the required back office support to compliment the efforts of any in-house team.

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