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The foremost Pan-African Advocacy and Implementation group.

The Africa Advocacy Alliance (“AAA”) is a group of African professionals committed to promoting Africa's positive renaissance, integration and prosperity. Our objective at AAA is to reframe Africa’s narrative to drive positive change and development through desired strategies, policies, initiatives and projects. Africa has been firmly established as a major emerging markets frontier and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. 

Over time, the required knowledge and expertise to understand the African perspective and develop solutions from an African perspective has been limited, which has not helped Africa translate its full potential through relevant positive action.

At AAA, we deliver first class strategic services focusing on Advocacy, Strategy, Policy Formulation, Development and Implementation of required initiatives or projects within Africa across different sectors. Our focus is to promote the best interests of Africa in order to unlock its unrealized potential. A truly Pan-African institution, we provide a credible voice on critical issues on behalf of governments, organizations, regional entities, interest groups, companies and individuals alike. We help African governments, businesses and other stakeholders tell their stories in a compelling way, in order to translate such stories into positive growth, development and socio-economic stimulus for the continent.


Harnessing Africa's Potential


We are a one-stop service for your strategic “stakeholder centric” advocacy, policy development and implementation, stakeholder engagements and project execution. We offer the highest level of integrity, professionalism and dedication.

Our focus areas are:

• Assisting African governments, businesses and other entities in telling their stories in a compelling way, in order to develop strategic solutions that facilitate socio-economic growth and development.

• Research based advocacy and capacity to support implementation of policy decisions through our knowledge pool, expertise and experience.

• Providing a credible voice on key issues on behalf of governments, organizations, regional interest groups, companies and individuals across all sectors but in particular within the following areas;

    - Transport and Aviation

    - Travel and Tourism 

    - Trade and Investment

    - Agriculture and Agro-business

    - Energy

    - Environment 

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